It’s the Law

Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations of 1981 states that each and every workplace, including those the self-employed and organisations with less than 5 personnel, have adequate first aid provision in case of illness or injury at work. It can be difficult to work out what provision you need. Do you need a first aid room? What should be in your first aid kit? What sort of first aid personnel should you have? To work out what requirements are needed, employers should carry out a first aid needs assessment which will, in turn, determine what you need to provide. We can help you decide by carrying out an onsite (or telephone) needs assessment. Contact us for more information.

Staff retention and employee morale

Giving staff members’ direct responsibility for the welfare and safety of others can lead to increased motivation and happiness! Knowing that a place of work is safe and cares enough to invest in the safety of its employees can help staff feel valued and cared for. This can lead to higher productivity overall.

Safety benefits

Employees who have attended a first aid course are more likely to be vigilant in regards to hazards and risks. This means that they are also likely to attend to potential problems and correct issues before they can cause any harm. CPR is literally a lifesaver – What a service to be able to offer! 

Save some money

Training staff members is not a costly exercise if you compare that to the cost of staff absence after an accident, not to mention insurance claims. If somebody is attended to immediately at the scene of an accident, this could be the difference between them being off for a week versus several weeks! By ensuring that you have enough fully trained staff, employers can reduce costs in the future.

What next?

Contact ABC Life Support for information on how we can help you with your needs assessment.