Picture this……Beautiful spring day, not a care in the world. Then the phone rings.

“Hello is this Mrs Bridge?” Me- Yes. “This is ****** School, please don’t panic but Seb has had an accident”

Those words will strike fear in most parents…..but for me, I think about all of the terrible occurrences that could have taken place.

  • He has fallen from the climbing frame (a scenario I often use in training) and lost consciousness
  • He has had a serious allergic reaction
  • He has banged his head and is unconscious
  • Horrible stuff
  • Worse stuff
  • Life-threatening stuff

Sometimes knowledge is a poison chalice (excuse the pun) and my mind works overtime. Worse still I wonder if the correct first aid has been given. Now don’t get me wrong, most organisations looking after children are trained up in First Aid but I have taught enough Early Years professionals to tell you that some of their knowledge is questionable! Not through not caring, but because the lines of training can be somewhat blurred!

What should you do with casualties?

Let’s take the whole fall from the climbing frame scenario. Often many parents say that if this incident occurs then you must NOT move the casualty, so there’s me thinking that he is unconscious, laying on his back gurgling and choking on his own vomit, everybody around him worried about his neck and spine when us First Aid Professionals know that it’s all about AIRWAY MANAGEMENT!!!

How can we change the outlook?

Firstly emphasising DRAB – Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing…IN THAT ORDER!!!!! Neck and spinal injuries are a by-product that could possibly get fixed. An airway blockage could cause brain injury or worse…why do people not know this????

Oh well, I guess my job entails making sure that people know what to do in this instance…. By the way, if they are unconscious, roll them on to their side into the recovery position, it could save their life.

I am really glad to have taught at that particular School and so was very confident in their ability! Oh and just to let you know that all was well with Seb’s thumb….. 😉 x