Well here we are, three weeks into the toughest lockdown yet. The joy of online schooling is upon some of us, working from home is here again and its really cold. I try to be a positive soul, life is better with a smile but some days are just hard. I know compared to many we have it relatively easy but my god its hard going isn’t it. On the days I feel a bit glum about where we are, I try to find a positive, even the smallest thing can lift the lowest of moods. Here are the things I have found good in this trying time.

  • Blue sky is beautiful -when I see it, its lovely. Just look up.
  • Spring is struggling to get through, I know its early but I love to see a daffodil or two, this year, spring can come as early as it wants!
Daffodils starting to flower
  • Running / walking is actually making a difference to how I feel about the world. A few endorphins, a bit of fresh air, a chance to get out and just breathe – who knew it could be so lovely.
  • TV really is very good – I’d recommend Queens Gambit and Bridgerton on Netflix or Hustle on IPlayer – so good and an escape from the news.
  • Reading is lifting my spirits, I got books for Christmas and have started reading Tom Allen’s autobiography. When you have time, it doesn’t feel so bad to take an hour to read – what a treat! Yes I read in bed so I have been in bed with Tom Allen!
  • I love sleeping, to my friends this is no surprise. To be able to sleep well is a godsend. I’ve had some worrisome nights so the nights that are sound are a wonder.
  • Reconnecting with oldy friends has been great, we have a Whatsapp group where we laugh, moan, send a lot of Gif’s and share the rollercoaster of this lockdown. I cannot value the strength in these relationships more. Keeping in touch with people even if it’s not in real life has been a big help to me.
  • Cooking – it’s all about food in our house, I’m not exactly a chef but cooking and eating together has been great. Not without incident but great.
  • Find an app – Action for Happiness gives me a little quote and boost every day. Some are more relevant that other but a pick me up none the less.
  • What a revelation! It’s a brilliant online publication, the content is great and has helped me to understand my mind.

This article from Mind may just help get you helping your own wellbeing – could the 5 ways to wellbeing be what you need?

Whatever gets you through, keep your body and mind well. We can do this.

Ingrid  x