Paediatric First Aid

ABC Life Support are specialists in paediatric First Aid. Our mission is to train parents, carers and anyone working in the childcare industry in life-saving techniques that could help to prevent a child’s death.

Child being given CPRWe deliver courses that combine theory and practical training to ensure learners not only gain First Aid knowledge but also the confidence to put their First Aid skills into action should a medical emergency with an infant or child arise. We do this with fun and interactive courses that include quizzes and practice on mannequins. Our goal is to make learning enjoyable.

One thing we don’t do is role playing as we find this makes many people feel self-conscious and uncomfortable – which takes their attention away from learning.

We have a great choice of courses to choose from – everything from a 2-hour course for First Aid emergencies to a 2-day course covering a wide range of medical incidents. Some of our courses are aimed at community groups and children’s centres, while others are for those who work in a childcare setting  and require a First Aid qualification for Ofsted’s childcare registers. We also have courses for schools, babysitters, foster parents, nannies and many more – see our handy Paediatric first aid chart for details.

ABC Life Support run a nationwide service – so wherever you are in the UK we can bring our First Aid courses to you. If you’re a parent, we can even come direct to your home.

We also run our popular 1-day and 2-day First Aid paediatric courses at public venues in Stevenage, St Neots, Hemel Hempstead, Norfolk and Broxbourne.

List of available Paediatric First Aid courses

Basic Life Support (2 hour course)

This two-hour Paediatric First Aid course covers Basic Life Support that could potentially save an infant’s or child’s life.

Paediatric First Aid for Parents (3 hour course)

This friendly, interactive three-hour Paediatric First Aid course demonstrates the skills needed to deal with some of the most common illnesses that may occur in a child’s early years.

Accident, Illness & Basic Life Support (4-hour course)

This four-hour Accident, Illness & Basic Life Support course will help learners deal confidently with medical issues such as choking, scalds and burns, asthma and head injuries.

Paediatric First Aid (1-day course)

This one-day Paediatric First Aid course covers a range of medical conditions including asthma, meningitis, anaphylactic shock and foreign bodies in eyes, ears and nose.

Paediatric First Aid (2-day course)

This two-day Paediatric First Aid Course follows the syllabus of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and meets the requirements of Ofsted’s Compulsory Childcare Register.

Emergency First Aid At School (1-day course)

This one-day Emergency First Aid at School course is for teachers and support staff who work within a school environment and would like to learn the knowledge and skills to deal with emergency medical situations.

Young Life Supporters Workshop (2-hour course)

This two-hour Young Life Supporters Workshop is aimed at children aged 6 to 16. It covers learning first aid skills, making a 999 call and how to save a life in an emergency situation.

Not sure which course is right for you? Check out our handy chart.

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