Caroline Chalmers – Managing Director

Caroline Chalmers, Managing Director, ABC Life Support CIC

Caroline joined the organisation in September 2015. Since then she has been running the operations within ABC Life Support. In 2020, she took on more managerial tasks, working closely with clients and trainers. She is now ready to lead ABC Life Support into its next chapter.

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Paul Pankhurst

Paul Pankhurst – non-executive board member

Paul has spent 24 years in the marketing industry and is the founder/MD of his own direct marketing company, Dylbert Ltd. He uses his experience in sales strategy to help steer ABC Life Support in the right direction.

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Doug Bridge

Doug Bridge – non-executive board member

Doug has spent 20 years in commercial environments supporting sourcing and supply chain strategy.

Doug is using his experience to support ABC Life Support’s service delivery and commercial growth, as the business scales.

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Gretel Bruce, non-executive board member

Gretel Bruce – non-executive board member

Gretel brings a wealth of knowledge as a retired adult mental health social worker.

She helps the team by drawing on her experience and understanding of the most under-served in society. She wants to make sure we keep helping people who really need these skills.

Danielle Bridge – Founder and honorary board member

Danielle Bridge, founder of ABC Life Support & honorary board member

Danielle’s passion, outstanding leadership, and unwavering commitment have played a crucial role in making ABC Life Support a leading organisation in the First Aid industry. Under her guidance, we have achieved many milestones. We’re proud to be the UKs first Social Enterprise registered as a CIC to publicly show our commitment to making first aid accessible to all.

After 14 years of dedicated service as our esteemed CEO, Danielle Bridge has decided to transition her role. She will become an Honorary Board Member as she begins on a new chapter in her professional journey.

Our Trainers

ABC Life Support prides itself on delivering interactive, accessible, and impactful training in all our training courses.

Each one of our trainers is invited into the ABC Life Support family after speaking to Danielle to make sure that there is a synergy in terms of shared values and that the style of training delivery is exactly what we are looking for.

Our trainers are all freelance with years of face-to-face delivery under their belt as well as experience of front-line medical interventions including nurses and paramedics. We use freelance trainers to allow us to deliver across the UK and to make sure that we are all delivering to the same standard we use the resources and training methodologies which are based on recommendations from The UK Resuscitation Council, the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) and the First Aid Quality Partnership.

If you would be interested in joining the ABC Life Support team, please email Caroline – – or call on 0800 0467 410.