First aid is a basic human requirement

Everybody has a right to feel empowered and competent enough to give support and help in a medical emergency

Here at ABC Life Support we deliver first aid training to all.

We mean everybody!

We aim to change the way that people access this service.

It shouldn’t just be about risk assessments and work-based training requirements. Life saving is not about ticking a ‘have to have’ box. We plan to embed this into our everyday existence because these skills could save a life.

Compliance and legislation should be at the root of all work based training but this should not be so forceful that it ends up dissuading people from taking action.

We often hear stories of scary training experiences “Don’t do this, do it like this, or that might happen”. We understand how this can make you feel and that is why we will walk you step by step and give you reasons behind actions. We don’t do myths or opinions.

Everything we do is based on the knowledge that our training makes a genuine difference to a life in your hands

A fellow human who needs the skills that you WILL possess

At ABC Life Support, we believe that it is an honour and a privilege to be able to help a person in need

We will show you how!