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Understanding YOUR Menopause

Each October we celebrate Menopause awareness month.

As we know, peri-menopause and menopause don’t start and stop during October but we are always pleased that this is a month where we shed a very bright light on menopause.

We love that this topic is now front and centre of so many conversations throughout the year. Having these conversations with those around us, whether they be a friend who is menopausal or a colleague who wants to understand more, it is vital to break the stigma which so many feel. Just by sharing how you are feeling, and the impact of symptoms can make this time just a little bit easier.

There are now so many resources, websites, influencers and experts it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming (as if you didn’t feel overwhelmed with meno symptoms anyway!)

We have collated some of these resources on this page, these are through personal research and recommendations made in our surveys.

To be able to share this information is a privilege – as they say, knowledge is power! Having an understanding can help take away the fear.

We are in this together.

Menopause and Anxiety

While many people believe that the symptoms are physical but the psychological impact can be just as hard to deal with.

Danielle has written a great article about how anxiety can show up during perimenopause and menopause.

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Your body

We love the honesty in this video from NHS 24 – Menopause only affects you physically – truth or lie?

Find out more about the Menopause Cafe.

Revisit our 2021 & 2022 Menopause Surveys

In October 2021 we conducted our first menopause survey. The responses were amazing and it the stories that were shared were so insightful as to how Menopause can truly affect each of us in so many different ways that we repeated it in 2022!

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There has been huge growth in the information out there on the topic of Menopause. Here are a few links to websites we have found interesting and relevant.