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Mental Health First Aid TRaining

Why do you need to have Physical First Aid Training?

The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 require employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to ensure their employers receive immediate attention should they become injured or taken ill at work.

The number of first aiders in your place of work depends on how many people there are as well as the risk level of the primary activities. We host open courses covering the adult and paediatric sectors across the UK and can travel to your place of work to deliver courses to your workforce.

Why should you think about commissioning Mental Health First Aid Training?

Thriving at work, The Stevenson/Farmer review was an independent document outlining how employers can better support the mental health of all people currently in employment. This was commissioned by the government and undertaken in 2017, the result of which can be found here:

By working with us, society benefits.

We have delivered front line first aid training to organisations across the UK for 10 years. By working with us, organisations understand that we use our profits to deliver these same courses but to vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our society. We believe that all people should have access to these lifesaving skills regardless of their financial or situational limitations.

  • Organisations can fulfil CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) aims by sponsoring a place, or a full course to give a vulnerable group of people the same access to the same course but in the community.
  • Your money contributes directly to the work that we are doing in the community.
  • We have worked hard to establish a reputation of providing impactful and professional training to businesses with return rates, feedback and testimonials to that effect.

Alongside our physical and mental health first aid training, we can provide short presentations, talks and workshops to explore how you could implement this training into your organisation making it bespoke, impactful and above all relevant.

Our Community Engagement


Our purpose is to empower people to save lives. First Aid, physical and Mental Health should be a skill that is accessible to everybody regardless of financial or social limitations.

We live and work within our purpose by engaging with socially conscious organisations who believe that community engagement is the way to access members of society who wouldn’t normally access this service. We do this by working alongside these organisations who are already engaged with our target beneficiary demographic.

Physical First Aid Training

Who are Homestart UK and what do they do? – CHARITY

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Homestart UK was founded by Margaret Harrison in 1973 and is now one of the leading charities in the UK working with families in need.  The charity offers a range of support to families who are struggling with the demands and challenges of being a parent.

They recruit family support volunteers, all of whom have experience of parenting and want to get involved in charity work. They undertake a thorough training and assessment programme and continue to have ongoing training and supervision throughout their time with Home-Start.

The service we provide

We have a long history of providing free and subsidised paediatric first aid training to the volunteers for this organisation which in turn allows them to have confidence in the homes of the families they support whilst looking after the children and babies.

Our work with Home-Start Herts began in 2012 and have been delivering impactful first aid training for them ever since. We have since expanded our work into Cambridgeshire.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Who are Metropolitan & Thames Valley and what do they do? – HOUSING ASSOCIATION

Metropolitan Thames Valley (formerly Metropolitan) provides housing at different levels of affordability for people living in London, the South East, East Midlands and East of England.

They deliver care and support to customers with a wide range of needs, specialising in services for older people and for people with mental health issues and learning disabilities. We also deliver a wide range of shorter term services which provide customers with intensive support.

The service we provide

ABC Life Support has provided discounted Mental Health First Aid Training directly to residents with outstanding feedback. As a result we have been commissioned to deliver further courses and have a range of Mental Health First Aid training ( and physical first aid ) sessions booked until the end of this year. This covers residents across North London, Cambridgeshire and the South East.

Our work with businesses helps to support our community engagement

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