Bike incidents are particularly common with 60% of children under 14 attending A&E each year due to a bicycle related injury.  Wearing a helmet reduces head injury by 85%, but a staggering 82% of under 14’s does not always wear one!  Should your child suffer a head injury the first question is always whether or not a hospital visit is necessary; symptoms of a potentially harmful head injury that you should look out for include vomiting, acting out of character, slurring of words and/or unequal pupils. If you notice any of these seek medical help.

Protruding ‘eggs’ on the head tend to distress parents but are a very common side-effect of an injury, and normally nothing to be overly worried about as this means that the swelling is on the outside of the skull.  You should also be aware of potential neck injuries associated with head injuries – any reference to pain in the neck, or back, requires a trip to A&E.