ABC Life Support’s educational programmes provide platforms for individuals to access content that will enrich their lives and develop personally.

Our bitesize workshops and webinars provide accessible learning for many, and our research helps to deliver a real time understanding of a variety of subject matters.

Region of Learning

We are a founding member of the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Region of Learning badge scheme. This exciting initiative is aimed at young people aged between 15-24 who are NEET (not in education, employment, or training) We have created a pathway of 8 Mental Health awareness badges which aim to support individuals as they navigate their way through the badge programme. These badges help young people to access skills, education and training which would be beneficial for them, especially in looking for employment opportunities.

Region of Learning Adopter badge

Cambridge Housing Society

Mental Health & Money Matters workshops

In 2021 we were commissioned by The CHS Group to provide bespoke Mental Health for Money Advisors workshops. After securing funding from Cambridgeshire County Council, we developed a bespoke workshop aimed at providing education around problem debt and its link to poor mental health.

Research Papers

Our most recent surveys cover the following subjects:

Being able to access the thoughts and understanding of those who are engaged with our social media platforms, our newsletter, our networks and beyond has helped us to have a fuller picture of how each of these topics affect both physical and mental health.

The results of these research projects are available by clicking the relevant link above to view the reports.