You can now access first aid courses online from the comfort of your home or office via our e-learning platform. As first aid training providers, we believe e-learning is a fantastic opportunity for more people to learn life-saving first aid skills in their own time.

Our dedicated e-learning platform, provided in association with eLearn Here gives you the opportunity to study a wealth of essential first aid courses, including first aid for parents, fire safety for early years and workplace training.

We also offer blended learning which incorporates online study with a day in the classroom. Please call 0800 0467 410 or email to book your course.

Alternatively, some courses can be booked below.

*Please note that our e-learning courses are provided by an external supplier, e Learn Here. You will be leaving the ABC Life Support website to purchase your course.

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What’s included in the online packages?

With a range of interactive quizzes, video, and audio features, our online packages appeal to all learning styles. Designed to be fully flexible, you can work at your own pace and test your knowledge as you progress.

The duration for each course varies from package to package, with some only taking 1-2 hours and others taking 6 – 7 hours.

Some of the courses feature optional multiple choice assessments, whereas others require a 70% – 100% pass rate. Certificates can be downloaded once you have successfully completed the training. Some of the courses also come with special accreditations.

Before purchasing a course, we recommend reading through the brochure to ensure you know exactly what it involves.

If you’re selecting a blended course, you will need to book a time slot to attend one of our classroom-based training sessions which we offer as first aid training providers.

What is Blended Learning, and why is it recommended?

Blended learning combines online educational materials with more practical training or learning methods. This will allow you to put your studies into practice, ensure you know the correct procedures for real-life situations, and boost your confidence.

Please note that if you choose a blended course you will be required to attend and complete classroom activities in order to complete the course and gain your certification

Who is online learning suitable for?

Our online first aid courses are compatible with most devices and suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to carry out essential first aid responses or risk assessments. While our e-learning courses require you to have a basic understanding of how to use a computer, they are easy-to-follow and understand. Our courses are also suitable for people who use English as a Second Language.

You will receive full instructions on how to complete the course at the same time you receive your access code after you’ve purchased.

Available E-Learning Courses

Details of our e-learning courses are below, with some courses available to purchase right away. To browse the course brochure before deciding whether it meets your requirements, click on the related image.

Blended Paediatric First Aid e-course brochure

Blended Paediatric First Aid Course

See our course dates for open courses


Blended Combine EFAW & PFA e-course brochure

Blended Combined EFAW and Paediatric First Aid

See our course dates for open courses


Blended Emergency First Aid at Work e-course brochure

Blended Emergency First Aid at Work

See our course dates for open courses


First Aid for Parents e-course brochure

First Aid for Parents

£24.50 + VAT