Do you know where your nearest Defibrillator or Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is?

Thankfully now there are over 30 Defibs dotted all over St Neots, but do you know where they are? I know from walking around I always spot them, but would I remember where they were? Many of the defibs are in public spaces like outside the Priory Centre or Waitrose but others are within private locations, and they are not always available.  

Knowing where the nearest defib is located is a great start but would you know how to operate it?

Many people, when faced with the chance to help, are often struck with the fear of making a mistake or getting it wrong. Having the confidence to help someone is what First Aid training is all about.

If someone is in cardiac arrest, phoning 999 and starting CPR is a must. And if a Defib is not available or you are on your own, keeping this going until help arrives will give them the best chance of survival.

Did you know that the Defibs can talk you through exactly what to do?

It is there to help you.

As soon as you switch on the AED it will give you voice prompts to tell you what to do, from where to put the pad to when to push the shock button.

The British Heart Foundation have created The Circuit which looks to have one central database of all defibrillators. To find out where your nearest Defib is or to register your Defib, check the Defib Finder at

Next time you go for a walk or head into town, why not look out for where the Defibs are. You never know, you might save someone’s life.

For more information on how you could learn how to use a Defibrillator through our public FIrst Aid courses, please check out our course listings. We are in the midst of planning Family First Aid courses from September, so watch this space!