Grazed knees and palms come hand in hand with park-time.

If the wound is minor and there is clearly no foreign body embedded in the skin, then simply clean with water (use soap too if you are dealing with a dog bite to combat the germs) but remember to always go to the centre of the wound and clean outwards – we carry bacteria on our skin at most times, so it is important not to wipe additional nasties into an open wound.  Dry thoroughly before applying a plaster as our bodies heal quicker when dry.

Plasters should be replaced between 2-4 hours to ensure the area remains clean, and if the wound was superficial, do not replace as the fresh air will encourage the wound to heal quicker.

If bleeding is profuse, call emergency services immediately and apply pressure directly on to the wound.  Providing the wound is not on the chest or the head – lie the child down and raise the legs to delay the onset of shock; if the wound is on the head or chest – keep the child seated.