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Its been a bit of a mission over the past few months, the paperwork has been immense but rightly so! But after a lot of form filling, we are delighted to say we have been awarded CPD accreditation by the CPD Standards Office for four of our bespoke Mental Health courses.

But what does this actually mean? We have provided information about the content of the courses to be analysed to ensure it meets the exacting standards. Many of our mental health trainers have been assessed to make sure they have the relevant training to deliver these courses and we have given information about how the content can be put into practice and followed up on.

This is so exciting for us! We have the chance to support so many more people with this accreditation and reach a wider market.

But what does bespoke mean in terms of our courses? These particular workshops and courses have been written by our CEO Danielle and cover a variety of areas – the details of the courses are below:

  • Mental Health During Covid-19 workshop
  • Youth Mental Health awareness workshop
  • Adult Mental Health awareness workshop
  • 1 Day Adult Mental Health in the workplace workshop

These courses cover a wide range of subjects relating to Mental Health, the content can include the following:

  • The definition of Mental Health and Mental Ill health
  • Stress and how it affects individuals
  • The Mental Health Continuum – Case studies
  • The big 4 – Causes of, recognition of signs and symptoms, treatment and barriers to recovery
  • Diagnosis – common mental health condition information for Anxiety, Eating disorders, Depression and Psychosis
  • Crisis – Self harm and Suicide
  • Recovery and what this looks like
  • Methods of support and how to access

Our approach to these courses is honest, personal and engaging. The courses do deal with hard subjects but the wellbeing of all our delegates is paramount and we always work hard to ensure everyone is comfortable with our content and delivery.

The value of these courses is immeasurable, to gain a wider understanding of mental health and mental ill-health to be able to support those around you especially at the moment is much needed. Whether you work with or you are worried about any children or young adults, you work in an office and feel your colleague is struggling or if you have concerns about a friend and don’t know how to help, we have a course that may be able to help.

Please do get in touch with us if you would like to know more about our CPD accredited bespoke Mental Health courses – you can email caroline@abclifesupport.co.uk or call 0800 0467 410