Burns ABC Life Support

06 Nov Burns

Not just a topic that affects a few at specific dates throughout the year Bonfire night and the unfortunate and frightening events concerning acid attacks in London, 2017 saw a number of articles and stories being told via media speaking about how to act in an...

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The call

18 Jul The Call

Picture this……Beautiful spring day, not a care in the world. Then the phone rings. “Hello is this Mrs Bridge?” Me- Yes. “This is ****** School, please don’t panic but Seb has had an accident” Those words will strike fear in most parents…..but for me, I think about...

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Summer time

26 Jun Summer Time

Summer Time and The Living Is Easy…..or so they say! So it’s that time of year again and if you are anything like me, it is a frantic time, what with trying to sort out childcare, juggle work with holidays, just the general hustle of a...

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14 Jun First Aid for the Summer

The summer has arrived at last! Just imagine… are enjoying the glorious sunshine on a family day out by the pool. All of a sudden, you hear a scream. A child is lying face down in a small pool of water. What would you do?...

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