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You’ve decided to complete a First Aid Training course – fantastic! However you may be wondering if it’s possible to complete one in the UK when we’re in the middle of a lockdown? The good news is that the pandemic has not put a stop to people learning essential first aid skills. Like many educational courses, they have simply moved online. With a fully flexible and engaging learning experience, online courses are proving very popular.

How does an online first aid course work and is it right for me?

Enrolling onto an online first aid course is quick and easy. Simply choose your training provider and purchase the course you want to study. Once you have paid for the course, you should receive an email with your unique log-in details to the e-learning portal.

With the e-learning portal you can log-in and out as often as you like. Compatible across most devices with an internet connection, you even get to choose the time and place of study. With no pressure to complete the course in a certain timeframe, this puts you in control of your learning.

There are plenty of benefits to online learning. The flexible style of learning means that online courses are more suited to people who are self-motivated. However with interactive quizzes and videos, they are specially designed to be engaging. They are also broken down into bitesize modules to help you manage your study time.

For some courses there will also be some live sessions to attend online. You should book onto these and put a reminder in your diary.

What courses can be completed online?

A handful of our courses can be completed 100% online, including first aid for parents, fire safety for early years and risk assessment for early years. Studying a Paediatric First Aid Course Online is a great way to top-up your essential skills as a parent or child carer during lockdown.

However for first aid at work qualifications, you’ll almost always need to do an in-person session in a classroom. This is known as blended learning.

Once you’ve completed your online first aid course, you will be able to download an e-certificate.

Are first aid training providers open?

During lockdown restrictions, some of our first aid courses are solely available online, This means you won’t need to attend any classroom based sessions or test centres to complete the course.

Where it’s an essential requirement to attend a practical session we are still delivering classroom tutorials and following the latest government restrictions to keep everyone safe.

So now you know that you can complete a first aid course online, we hope this will be an incentive to start learning these essential life skills.

At ABC Life Support, we are a social enterprise dedicated to making First Aid more accessible. Take a look at our online courses today or contact us for more information.

If you’re a Not-for-profit organisation or charity, we can also offer subsidised rates for our first aid course online.