A simple day in the park is a favourite for both children and parents alike, but the potential for hazard is high.  For example, if your child is stung by a wasp or bee, would you grab a pair of tweezers from your make up bag and automatically tug out the sting?  Most people would, but this will actually squeeze the sting bulb to release additional poison into the skin. The correct procedure is to use a long fingernail, or stiff card and scrape the sting away from the wound at the angle that it entered.  It should come out easily, and once it does, simply hold a cold compress on the wound for 10 minutes.

Do not let the child run off immediately with their friends, they will need to be watched for any adverse reaction.  If the child suddenly acquires difficulty in breathing, swelling, feeling very unwell and/or a patchy rash over the body – call an ambulance immediately – do not wait. Anaphylactic shock is potentially fatal and something we deal with in detail on our course.