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How Often Should First Aid Refresher Courses Be Taken?

HSE strongly recommends that first-aiders undertake refresher training every year. You can take these shorter courses at any point during your three-year certification period, after which you should retake your first aid training, as your certificate will have expired.

Refresher courses are for anyone who is a qualified first-aider and are designed to be completed over half a day. From maintaining basic skills to keeping up to date with any changes to first-aid procedures, there are many benefits for qualified first-aiders to take the refresher course.

Whilst it’s not essential, the juries out when it comes to taking refresher courses.

Where to get your first aid refresher course?

ABC Life Support offers refresher courses to keep your first aid knowledge topped-up. Our qualified trainers stay up to date with the latest changes to regulations and best practices when administering first aid. This means you too can keep your finger on the first-aid pulse and never miss a beat when it comes to health and safety.

Take a look at our website today or contact us to book your slot on one of our engaging first aid refresher courses.

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