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Can my employer force me to do first aid training?

The closest you’ll get to a clear-cut answer to this question is ‘it depends.’ Although no employer can ever legally ‘force’ you to do anything, you may be required to undergo first aid training in order to keep your job.

If being first aid qualified is mentioned in your contract as a requirement of your job role, then you can’t expect to get out of completing training. Provided your employer’s request is reasonable and lawful, a failure to complete first aid training could result in you facing disciplinary action.

If your employer is expecting you to complete the training outside of working hours – and isn’t paying you overtime – you may be able to avoid completing the training course on the grounds that the request is unreasonable. This is particularly the case if you have prior commitments on that date, such as taking care of your children.

Again though, if your contract stipulates that first aid training is a requirement for your role, you’ll have to go ahead with it at some point if you want to keep your job.

Why should you get first aid training?

Even if you may initially be resistant to the idea, becoming first aid trained could be one of the best decisions you ever make. The skills and knowledge you acquire on a first aid course could save the life of not only a colleague, but a loved one – so it’s well worth paying attention.

Even if you’re unable to attend training sessions in person, at ABC Life Support you can learn online. E-learning allows you to study in your own time and from the comfort of your own home, making it a convenient and flexible option no matter your circumstances.

Learn more about the contents and benefits of our first aid courses today, or contact us to speak to our team.

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