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Are First Aid Kits Required In The Workplace?

First aid kits are a handy toolkit for every home and workplace. When it comes to health and safety there are stringent obligations that workplaces need to uphold.

The government guidelines state that you should provide at least one first-aid kit for each workplace. However, if your premises is on the larger side, more than one might be required.

It’s not enough to simply have a first aid kit on your site though – it must be easily accessible and stocked with a sufficient quantity of first-aid materials suitable for your specific workplace. You also need to appoint someone who can administer first aid, and inform your employees of the first aid procedures.

You should regularly check and restock the supplies of each kit. The last thing you need is to have a first aid incident and not have the right kit to hand – it’s not good for the individual who is suffering, and it certainly won’t look good for your business.

The HSE has a minimum contents of a first aid kit, but we’d recommend carrying out an individual assessment for your workplace. Identifying potential incidents and what kit you would need in these circumstances is by far the best way to ensure you’re properly equipped to deal with first aid incidents at your workplace.

Get clued-up with workplace first aid training

If you’re looking for workplace first aid training for you or your team members, ABC Life Support provides a range of courses covering physical and mental health training. Get in touch or take a look at the courses we offer today. We help businesses keep up with their obligations to keep their workforce safe, whilst also promoting a more proactive approach to first aid. It’s not just about meeting health and safety obligations after all, it’s also about saving lives and empowering people to act confidently when an incident occurs.

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