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What Does a Paediatric First Aid Course Cover?

If you’re thinking about enrolling on a paediatric first aid course, you may want to know beforehand what’s covered. In this guide, we’re listing the key elements of all Paediatric First Aid Courses.

What does the paediatric first aid course cover?

Responding to an incident

The 4C’s (Check, Call, Care, Complete) are a helpful way to remember the procedure for responding to a first aid incident involving a baby or young child. Having knowledge of how to respond quickly and confidently is just as important as identifying the issue at hand.

Common illnesses and injuries

Each course should cover a broad range of scenarios, illnesses, and injuries that are common in young children. From dealing with common insect bites, to handling more serious scenarios, such as CPR, choking, and diabetic emergencies – the aim of paediatric first aid training is to give you the tools you need to safely and efficiently deal with common health conditions and incidents that affect young children.

Contents of a first aid kit

As well as learning what should be in your first aid kit, paediatric first aid training should also teach you how to use the different items, such as bandages.

These are the fundamental elements that every paediatric first aid course should cover. All good first aid training courses should offer both theory-based and practical learning styles to ensure you can put your newfound knowledge into practice.

If you’re not sure whether to take the course or not, our advice is if you are responsible for caring for a baby, toddler or young child then this course is a must. Knowing how to respond to an incident could help save a child’s life and prevent you from the nightmare-scenario of not knowing what to do when a baby is suffering from a medical emergency or injury.
Once you know this course is right for you, the next step is to choose the right level of training for your requirements.

What Paediatric courses are available?

  • Emergency Paediatric First Aid 1 Day Course
  • Paediatric First Aid 2 Day Course
  • Basic Life Support
  • Paediatric Accident, Illness And Basic Life Support
  • Emergency First Aid At School
  • Young Life Supporters Workshop

At ABC Life Support, we offer all of the first aid courses above. If you want to discuss these further to find the right course for you, contact us today. We hope this guide has helped you gain a better understanding of what’s covered in a Paediatric First Aid Course and whether it’s right for you.

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