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What Are The 4 C’s of Paediatric First Aid?

All Paediatric First Aid Courses should cover the “4Cs of Pediatric First Aid”. These help caregivers to focus on the steps they need to safely manage and respond to emergencies.

But what exactly are the 4 C’s of Paediatric first aid?

  • Check – how to assess the scene and the nature of the incident
  • Call – how to call for an emergency
  • Care – how to care for children in an emergency
  • Complete – what to do once you’ve taken the best course of action

The 4 C’s of Paediatric First Aid underpins the structure of the course and gives you the life-saving knowledge and techniques you need to respond to a first aid incident and potentially prevent a child’s death. It’s essential knowledge for parents, caregivers, teachers and child support workers.

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ABC Life Support provides essential paediatric first aid to anyone that wants to learn these life-saving skills. Whether you’re a team of early-years workers or you’re a new parent finding your feet, we strive to empower those responsible for babies and young children. We’ll teach you how to respond to a medical emergency or incident and how to prevent or minimise the risk of common problems. After the course, you’ll walk away with comprehensive knowledge and hopefully some good memories from having studied an engaging course with us.

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