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What Is Mental Health First Aid?

Mental health first aid will not train you to be a psychologist, counsellor or therapist, but it will teach you how to spot the signs of mental illness and the different types of support available.

Just like traditional first aid, it’s a course that focuses on health and safety, but in this case the focus is on mental health rather than physical health.

Instead of looking at how to deal with a broken arm or a choking incident, you will look at how to help people suffering from mental health issues. From mild anxiety to suicidal thoughts, mental health first aid training will give you the confidence to step in and help with a wide range of illnesses.

This type of training is empowering. It not only helps you to better understand the common mental health challenges faced by individuals today, it also gives you the tools to help someone who is suffering. It demonstrates how you can approach the conversation in a way that’s positive and healthy.

Knowing when and where to send people for support is paramount and as a mental health first aider, you will be able to point someone suffering with their mental health in the right direction, while lending a friendly ear if they need to talk.

This training can be applied in the workplace, the local community, or even in your own social circle with friends and family. It can also inspire you to have a better relationship with your own mental health and how to spot the warning signs of common issues such as anxiety and depression.

Final note

It’s often recommended that people complete both physical and mental health first aid training. The link between physical and mental health is something that is often discussed in the media, and both are equally important.

If you’re interested in taking a mental health first aid course, ABC Life Support offers a flexible selection of training options to suit you.

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