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Top 5 Ways To Improve Mental Health at Work

Taking a proactive approach to mental health is key, which is why we’re listing the top 5 ways to improve mental health at work, so you can help get the best out of your employees.

Spread awareness

Spreading awareness around mental health is key. Without awareness, employees won’t know the best ways to take care of themselves in the workplace or where to go to seek help if they need it.

Have an open-door policy

Lines of communication should be open and employees should feel they can be honest about their mental health issues in the workplace. Making this clear in your work policies and regularly reaching out for employee catch-ups can make all the difference.

Encourage regular breaks

It’s no secret that physical health is closely tied in with mental health. Our bodies are not designed to sit in front of a screen for prolonged periods of time. That’s why it’s important to take regular breaks. Whether you go for a brisk walk or take a tea and biscuit break, even the busiest workers should take a moment to pause and take care of their bodies. You should find that regular breaks can make you feel more productive and positive, too.

To prevent ‘hangry’ spells or low mood, it’s important your employees have time to eat properly throughout their working day. You can help by providing basic kitchen facilities and ensuring breaks are scheduled.

Have a designated mental health first aider

Having a mental health first aider at your workplace will mean you have a designated point of contact for anyone who is struggling. Their role will be a proactive one as they will know how to spot the signs of ill mental health, when and where to send people for further support, and be able to identify issues that could negatively affect mental health.

Consider hiring a wellbeing consultant

A wellbeing consultant can help you factor employee wellbeing into your overall management structure. Long-term this should help you create a happier, healthier and more honest workforce which in turn should help boost your business productivity, growth, and reputation.

If you’re interested in taking a mental health first aid training course or hiring a wellbeing consultant for your workplace, contact our team of experts at ABC Life Support today.

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