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ABC Life Support First Aid Training

20 Jun Why first aid is important

What if? What could I do? How would I cope? These are the questions that a First Aid Course can give you the answers to. By attending a first aid course for as little as two hours you could gain the knowledge and practice the skills...

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17 Jun Falling in love at work

I have just got off of the phone to a potential client and by the end of the phone call, I genuinely believe that I have found a kindred spirit, a meeting of minds, a person just as passionate about first aid than I am. This...

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14 Jun First Aid for the Summer

The summer has arrived at last! Just imagine… are enjoying the glorious sunshine on a family day out by the pool. All of a sudden, you hear a scream. A child is lying face down in a small pool of water. What would you do?...

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01 May Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

Top Tips for Lone Workers   Everybody has Mental Health It is easy to think of Mental Health as being something that somebody suffers from. Interestingly many people do not think of themselves as having a mental health and see it in the context of mental ill...

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