A personal approach at work


Building and maintaining constructive relationships at work is an important part of wellbeing and considering one is at work for a vast majority of the time, this is quite important. Spending time around people at work and developing positive working relationships means that you are more likely to be confident and face difficult times in and outside of work.

Be Active:

NEAT is something that you may or may not have heard of. In exercise terms this stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis and means the energy expended outside of formal exercise. How can we take part in this activity at work, you ask? So, if you are desk bound, perhaps you can set an alarm for every 25 minutes and get up and take a stroll around the office, or even outside. Maybe take your calls whilst on a walk in the local area. Waiting for the kettle to boil? Get in a couple of squats!

Take Notice:

How can we take notice at work? Maybe you could really enjoy that cup of tea, drink it in peace, no distractions. Eat your lunch outside with nothing but the landscape of your surroundings to keep you company. Take notice of your team, your colleagues. What are they up to? How are they finding life at the moment? Check in and take notice of one another.

Keep Learning:

Is there something that you would like to learn at work that you keep putting off? Maybe that extra qualification that would enhance your skills and compliment your role? We are a curious lot and putting that curiosity into new things can help you to expand your knowledge and increase your confidence.


Does your organisation take part in any charitable events? We are so much better now in our understanding of how your skills and interests outside of work can be beneficial in the workplace and how they can in turn benefit the outside community. Fancy arranging a workplace charity event? Go for it.

Using the above approach can be beneficial to our sense of wellbeing and during the past couple of years, the focus on our happiness and wellbeing has provided a great opportunity for self-development.

Action for Happiness has a fantastic approach to this by developing a program and series of resources designed to help us reach our own versions of happiness throughout our lives.

They have developed the 10 Keys to Happier Living and here is a snippet of what they encourage us.

10 Keys for Happier Living graphic

For further information on these steps, take a look at the Action for Happiness website.