First Aid Training For All

ABC Life Support is a Social Enterprise organisation offering a range of Paediatric First Aid Training and Workplace First Aid courses nationwide– wherever you are in the UK we can come to you. We also have a selection of courses that can be accessed at public venues in Stevenage, St Neots, Broxbourne and Norfolk.

Our First Aid courses are designed to be empowering, engaging and interactive – with no embarrassing role play to distract you. We combine theory, quizzes, storyboarding and practice on mannequins to help you learn the knowledge and gain the skills to deal with medical problems and emergencies.

All our First Aid training is scenario-based which means it’s tailored to your particular business or working environment. And to maximise learning we keep class numbers to a minimum – with one trainer assigned to every 12 participants.

Whether you’re taking one of our paediatric first aid courses or a workplace first aid course, with ABC Life Support you’ll leave with the competence and confidence to handle medical issues and emergencies.

For more information or to book one of our First Aid courses, contact us on 0800 0467 410 or

Why Choose ABC Life Support

fun and interactive courses

mix of theory and practical learning

scenario-based training relevant to your working environment

hands-on learning

no embarrassing role playing

quizzes and board-storming